Loss = growth

Viewing loss as positive can be difficult. The loss of a relationship with a friend or partner is sad and can be devastating. When someone we care about dies, the loss is exceptionally difficult and can leave a gaping hole in our hearts and lives. Losing a job or societal status comes with a different sort of heartbreak, but can be as equally annihilating to our spirit. The unpleasant feelings that loss inspires are so painful, that many of us will avoid it at all costs – even if keeping the relationship or situation in our lives is restricting, unhealthy or otherwise unfavorable to our present and future.

This is what I’m beginning to observe after experiencing many losses throughout my time here: Although there are quite a few negative aspects, in many instances, good things are likely to blossom following a loss.

In other words, when I lose, I tend to win.

And really, loss and renewal is the stuff of life – a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Rather than spending valuable time and energy on the negative feelings associated with a loss, I can begin to view it as a door which, if I chose to open it and step through with fearless resolve, I can grow to a new plane with new opportunities and expanded vision.



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