Weekly Writing Prompt #50 – Fortuitous Sleuth

For The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Prompt #50


Fortuitous Sleuth

She didn’t mean to pry, really she didn’t. She simply thought it would be nice to take a short walk after dinner to stretch her legs before relaxing into a new mystery novel. The fact that she knew her neighbor from three doors down was in Philadelphia on business didn’t factor into her decision to venture out that night, even though she never took walks in the evenings after dinner. Nor did the fact that she noticed an unfamiliar car pulling into the driveway closely behind said neighbor’s husband just as she also happened to arrive home, have anything whatsoever to do with her decision.

Once outside, she began her walk around the block headed in the direction away from her neighbor’s house. “Yep, just out for a leisurely stroll on this beautiful, warm night.” She thought. On the street south of hers, just behind the aforementioned neighbor’s house, she noticed a light on in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. She’d been inside the house on only a few occasions and wasn’t sure if the light was that of the master or another room. “Not my concern.” She thought, turning the final corner of the block. As she passed the driveway to the neighbor’s house, something caught her eye. The garage door was wide open. “I should really let him know. What if someone steals something?” She thought. She walked towards the front door, but stopped abruptly upon reaching the front porch. Music, soft jazz music, was coming from somewhere inside the house. She didn’t intentionally seek out adventure. Nevertheless, adventure always seemed to find her.

Turning again, she left the front porch, and headed for the open garage. “I’ll just check the inside door. It’s probably locked anyway.” She thought. Easing her way past the husband’s car, she took extra care to keep from accidentally brushing anything with her body. Placing her hand on the knob, she was about to give it a gentle push, but abruptly stopped, deciding instead to press her ear gently against the door. No voices could be heard, only the sound of soft jazz. Now she did turn the doorknob and, upon hearing a quiet click, gave the door a gentle push. It opened.

She peeked inside, looking right then left, and opened the door just wide enough to allow her medium frame to slip through. The music, now louder, seemed to come from upstairs. Glad for the soft rubber bottom tennis shoes she’d chosen to wear, she walked stealthily to the stairs and then up, testing each one for squeaks with the toe of her shoe. She followed the music to a room at the end of the hallway. The door was ajar.

She felt a flush of excitement, but her heart beat steady. The door was open just enough to see inside to the opposite corner. Her eyes widened in disbelief. She knew she would have to be discreet about what she was witnessing. “But how the hell am I going to keep this a secret?!” She thought and backed away, making her escape.


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