She thought, “Now look at that! Someone really got it right when they designed this pier.”

The immense slabs of concrete were held in place by interconnecting pieces of rusting steel; orange and peeling from the elements. Each thick sheet of steel curved into a c-shape at the top and joined with the one beside it, forming a new shape that brought to mind linked hands. She thought about how these hands held strong and fast to position the concrete pier, providing a barrier from the turmoil of threatening waters for beach goers.

At the end of the pier stood a light-tower; a beacon of safety for boaters. She thought, “How appropriate that two joined hands should be the thing that held all of this together; this delicate balance of stone and steel providing insulated safety from danger and destruction.”

She took a photo of one of the adjoined c-shaped pieces of steel while she listened to him tell her how he cared deeply for her, but was so confused about what, precisely, he wanted for his life.


One thought on “Stronghold

  1. I loved how you compared the pier with his words……always an issue isn’t wondering what the other wants when all they do is profess undying love and care but you never know what they actually want……good luck with it all…

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