As she ascended to the sky, above the clouds, onto another world she’d not yet had the good fortune to explore, she decided she would not return to Chicago. She had grown weary of Midwestern complacency; both the lost and the dreamers who feasted on them. Years ago, she had awakened to the realization that the world in which she lived was a false construct.

With this awakening came both a sense of sadness, and an exhilaration of joy which she could not comprehensibly explain. Whenever she attempted to communicate this newly achieved sense of being, she became very excited with a flood of emotionally charged words that never quite seemed to adequately communicate what she was experiencing. This difficulty in self-expression frustrated her at times.

Frequently one to offer help, she was a nurturer, at heart, with a desire to share. She wanted others to also benefit from the liberation she’d gained from this knowledge about their world.  And her perceived inability to aid in a connection could leave her feeling like a failure.

The steep climb not only brought on a feeling of separation from the mundane and false, but also from those she knew and loved. Her spirit was relocating. With each kilometer that the plane carried her up and across the great expanse of sky, she became more certain of her decision. Though unsure of how her new life would take shape, she was certain of one thing: God held her and would not let go.


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