Thrust off-course

On Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #63 – Arrival

She wondered if other people ever woke up one morning, unexpectedly found their lives in foreign space and asked themselves, “How did I arrive here”?

Her life had been completely thrust off-course, causing her thoughts to get lost in the same line of incessant questioning. What were the circumstances that brought her to live in this damp refinished basement? How did she come to spend her nights on a prodding pull-out sofa bed and her mornings choosing bras and underwear out of a laundry basket? How did her possessions, once shared lovingly in their home, come to be scattered between his Hyde Park basement, her mother’s Naperville garage and the trunk of her red Ford Mustang?

Something deep inside her spirit nudged at a thought: The root of her current circumstances had begun to germinate long before things between them had begun to change over a year ago; even long before the two had met. She knew she needed to spend some time and energy on this one. But, today was not a good day for contemplative introspection. The weather app on her phone promised the first warm and sunny day of spring and dammit, she was going to enjoy it!



3 thoughts on “Thrust off-course

  1. Hello Curlie Girlie, thank you for contributing to the tale weaver, lovely to have you stop by. I really liked the perspective you took with this prompt asking that question of how did I get to this place?
    I also like that you moved the story away from the woe of her situation into one of a positive outlook on the coming day. Well done and thanks again for your contribution.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that’s the beauty of writing characters like that one, trying to get in their heads to figure out what they are all about. Please feel free to consider this weeks Tale Weaver, out each Thursday…..


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